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I highly recommend the OTI RICOCHET JIGS. Its cutting-edge design and advanced features, such as a laser-effect finish and 3D eyes, make it the ultimate speed jig for catching a wide variety of fish. The through-body wire design and glow-in-the-dark edge make it strong and visible in any condition.  These jigs come rigged and ready, no need to change the rings or assist hooks like most other manufactures. 

Ricochet Jigs

The Ricochet Jigs are the ultimate fish magnet for mid to deep-water fishing. These jigs are designed to excel in attracting a variety of species. With their sleek and slender profile, Ricochet Jigs quickly reach deep depths, enticing fish with their erratic darting action on the retrieve.

Created in three vibrant colors with glow stripes, these jigs are visually striking and guaranteed to attract fish in the water column or near the bottom. Each Ricochet Jig comes pre-rigged with a Raptor Glow Assist Hook, Split Ring, and HD Solid Ring, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

To maximize your success, employ a walk-the-dog action during retrieval, mimicking the movement of injured prey. This technique is especially effective for enticing bottom-dwelling species like amberjack, snapper, grouper, and open water tuna. Simply drop the jig to your desired depth and begin rhythmic lifts of the rod tip, making the jig appear as though it's fleeing.

Elevate your fishing game with the Ocean Tackle International Ricochet Jigs. Their superior design, vibrant colors, and irresistible actions make them a must-have for anglers targeting a wide range of species. Get ready to experience thrilling strikes and memorable catches with these exceptional jigs by your side.

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